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SSChart Data Sources

1. Free data sources used by SSChart

SSchart has several free data source on the internet that it uses to collect historic daily, weekly and monthly data for US securities. It also collects a combination of delayed and ECN quotes during market hours to display and save intraday charts. These are not as good as a dedicated subscription source.

2. Import data from files

SSChart can import data from text files into a chart. Virtually any comma or semicolon delimited format can be accommodated.

Data for US markets is automatically downloaded by the program from the site selected under the {Data | Internet Sources} menu item. This is also able to supply stock data for many non-US markets when the appropriate symbol/suffix is used. For markets not configured there you will need to import the data from another source.

3. Broker supplied data

If you have an account with Interactive Brokers, SSChart can get realtime quote data from TWS via the built-in socket interface (free during trial, continued use requires monthly lease).
The capabilities with this source will be live intraday charts for symbols you are collecting data for (with backfill for the current session), and time&sales records. You can chart stocks, futures, options, indices, forex, and spreads between symbols and also trade through your account directly from the chart.

4. Yahoo MarketTracker realtime quotes

If you subscribe to Yahoo MarketTracker realtime quotes, you can use them in SSChart also. You must first login to Yahoo and start the MarketTracker from the browser, then you will be able to start quotes in SSChart with "Yahoo US (Realtime)" selected as the quote source under {Data | Internet Sources.. | Quote Data}. (Note this interface does not provide intraday backfill, so you must collect the data to build intraday charts in realtime).

Note: Support for the MyTrack data feed has been discontinued.

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