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   Installation Instructions    

Installation Instructions

SSChart version 2.66 and later are delivered as a microsoft software installation package (.msi file). This requires the Windows Installer 2.0 or later, be present on your computer. If you are running Windows XP, or Windows 2000 sp4, it will already be there. If you are running NT 4.0 sp6, you can obtain the installer from the microsoft website. It is also available for older versions of windows, although we do not recommend running SSChart with older windows versions.

Please follow these instruction to successfully install the program.

Downloading and unzipping the program.

If you are upgrading a previous installation to a newer release, please review the release notes for any relevant instructions before proceeding (or else you might be sorry).

  1. Click on the download link on our download page and select "Save" or "Save to disk" from the browser dialog that pops up.
    (The exact wording depends upon what browser you use).
  2. Select a location to save the file to. We recommend "C:\Downloads\SSChart", or something similar. The location doesn't really matter, as long as you can remember where you put it.
  3. Locate the file you just downloaded, and <double click> on the filename to run the install.
  4. We recommend you accept the default location for the installation, which is "C:\Program Files\SSChart", unless you have reason for doing otherwise. (Such as wanting it on a different hard drive). If you do install to a different location, you should use the same location for installing later versions of SSChart, in order to upgrade with the least fuss.
  5. Start the program from the desktop icon (added by the installation) or use the Start menu to locate the program.

First time program is run

The first time you run the program after an installation it modifies the shortcut to the "SSChart Documentation" so it points to the documentation installed with SSChart on your local hard drive. If you use the shortcut (under StartMenu -> Programs -> SSChart) before then, you will end up here instead. In that case, just run SSChart and try it again.

The first time you run after installing a newer release to a different location that the previous release, you will see

If you answer [Yes] the program will copy all your data and appropriate configuration files from the previous release to the newer release. Afterwards you safely delete the directory where the prior release was installed. (If you installed the newer release in the same location as the prior release, you there will be no need to do this because your pre-existing data and configuration files will be retained and used in all cases).

SSChart uses a script to auto-launch TWS using the TWS desktop icon. If you use Norton Antivirus it may detect and complain ("malicious script dectected") about this script. The script is safe, see this for more info.

SSChart is automatically enabled for a 2-week free trial after you install it. Everything is fully functional during this period. You can extend the trial by an additional week by registering and getting a trial key.

Once the trial has expired, the program will no longer load any new data. At this point you will need to purchase a permanent license key and also a valid Router Lease if you will be accessing quotes from IB or myTrack to continue using the program. (Note: Instead of the program license+router lease you can use the monthly combined lease option if you choose).

At this point you should be seeing 2 sample charts in the main program window. Proceed to the Quick Learning Guide for quick step-by-step orientation.

Program Documentation

The documentation was installed with the program. To access the documentation select { Help | Contents } from the SSChart main menu, or use the "SSChart Documentation" shortcut in the windows start menu, under Programs, SSChart.

The documentation is in HTML format and selecting the { Help | Contents } menu item should launch your browser and open the SSChart documenation. If for some reason this does not happen, see this.

SSChart is initially configured for free data sources for US markets. If you will be getting data from an IB account or myTrack, follow these setup instructions:

 IB TWS data setup

 myTrack data setup


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