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If your previous trial has expired you will still be able to use new versions for 1 week after installation.

First time users go to the new user checklist!

Users of previous releases, see history for what has changed, and see upgrade instructions here.

SSChart Installation outline

The download format is a msi file (windows installation package). Click on the download link and save the file to your local harddrive. After download is complete locate and <double-click> on the file to run the installation.

Please go to the installation page, for installation instructions after downloading for more detailed instructions. If you are using IB TWS you must see important info here.

SSChart Version 3.21 full install
Build Number: 10260833 6,029,312 bytes, posted: 05/01/2017, select one of the following download sites. If you have trouble getting the file from a site, try another.

First time users go to the new user checklist!
Previous users see upgrade instructions
and the change history

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