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 See also information on the Support and Installation pages, and the program documentation under { Help | Contents } menu item.

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Where is my key?

When you register for a trial key or purchase a license, your key to enable the software is sent by email to the address you supply. The most common reason for not receiving this promptly is either you supplied a bad address (typo?) or your mailbox may be full. This is common if you use a "free" web based email service like "hotmail" or "yahoo". If your mailbox is full, you stop receiving new mail until you delete some of the old messages to free up some space. If you do not get an email from us with your key within an hour after you register, send us a message to let us know. At the same time it is a good idea to send yourself a test email to see if it is being received properly, if you don't get the message to yourself, there is something wrong at your end.

How do I adjust the graph after a stock split?

If you have been tracking the stock before the split, most of the data you are viewing was saved in a file on your local disk from before the split. After the split do { <right-click> | Reload } to reread the entire range of data. If it does still not appear correct, get the data from a different site by selecting { Data | Data Sources }, and changing the source for the time period you are looking at. Then do another Reload. Some sources do not change their data promptly after a split.

Once I have the studies setup the way I want, is there a quick way to get these in a new chart?

Use the "chart favorites" feature. With the chart you want to save selected, select either { <right-click> | Add to favorites }, or { Chart | Add to favorites }. Then give the chart a name you wish to save it as. After you do this, the name will appear under the { Chart } menu, where you can select it to reproduce the chart. Once you have the new chart, just enter symbols or make other changes as you wish.

Why do my "favorite" charts come up blank?

The symbol that was in the chart when it was "added to favorites" is what will be displayed when you create a new chart of that type. If the data file in the ./DATA directory that contains data for that symbol is deleted or non-existent , then there is no data to display in the new chart, so it is initially blank. Just enter a symbol in the chart to load some data and the chart and all studies that are part of it will appear.

Program crashes immediately after startup

If the program crashed, and now crashes immediately when you restart it, it is likely due to a problem in a study on a particular chart in your layout. To be able to restart, go the the CONFIG directory (subdirectory under where you installed SSChart) and delete the page layout file you were using. This is a file with the ".ssc" file extension. If you have never saved your page layout with {File | Save Page Layout...} then you would have been using the default layout name of "pages.ssc". If you have been using this feature then the last page layout you saved or loaded would be the one in use. Deleting the layout file will cause SSChart to startup with no chart windows (or other windows) open the next time you start. Before deleting the layout file please make a backup copy and send a copy to us (attached to an email) so we can find the source of the problem and fix it. After restarting add back charts and studies one at a time, and save your page layout frequently. It is also possible that a chart favorite specification has a problem and will need to be deleted. If you do discover more details about what was causing the crash, please report it.

"I am unable to get data for a symbol"

Check the { Data | Internet Sources... } settings. There are four separate source settings for different time frames of data you are trying to retrieve. All intraday data will come from the Quote Data source, daily data (1 bar/day) comes from the Daily Data source, etc. The default settings for these when you first install the program are set to free sources that will work for everyone. We suggest you get familiar with basic program features before changing these.

Daily, weekly, and monthly charts are not updated until you manually select { Data | Update } or use one of the shortcuts for this.

Intraday charts only collect data when you switch on { Data | Continuous Quotes } during market hours to record real-time data. Intraday backfill is only available from the myTrack data source that requires you to have a paid subscription from myTrack.

Reasons why data can't be retrieved include:

  • Invalid symbol (Note, especially index symbols differ with different data sources).
  • Check the start date and end date under { Chart | Properties }.
  • Server down temporarily
  • No internet connection
  • Data for symbol being updated on server and temporarily unavailable.
  • The configured data source has changed the format of the data being returned, and the program can not grok this (i.e.; parse it correctly). This will require a minor update to a CONFIG file to adjust for the changed format of data being returned from the site, we will do this and post the update, once we are aware that this problem exists.

Toolbar Setup

If your SLF toolbar looks like the following when you start the program:

you can drag the SLF toolbar (the lower one illustrated above) to the first line (alongside the ?) by positioning the mouse cursor in the gray area to the left of the lower toolbar, hold down the left mouse button, move the cursor to the first line (next the the ?) and release the mouse button, so you get it to look like this:

Can't add studies to chart

You must have a chart selected as the current window before you can activate the { Studies } menu to bring up the studies dialog. (The title bar for the currently selected window will be shown in blue (like the example above, or some other color depending on your windows color scheme), all other widows will have a gray title bar. Just <click> anywhere in the chart to make it the current window. You can then select the study you want from the { Studies } menu, or <right click> in the chart and select { Studies Setup... } to bring the studies dialog to add a study.

When you bring up the studies dialog, the [Apply] button is initially grayed out (inactive) until you modify one of the parameters for the study. You must make a change to make the [Apply] button active before you can add the study. If you want to accept all the default parameters that are shown, <clicking> one of the radio buttons in the dialog, even the one already selected will activate the [Apply] button.

Once the [Apply] button is active (no longer grayed out) then <clicking> on either the [Apply] button or the [OK] button will add the new study. If you use the [Apply] button the dialog will remain open allowing you add or modify additional studies. If you use the [OK] button, the dialog will close after adding the study.

If you have existing studies in the chart you can modify them by opening the study dialog to the tab for the study in question, and selecting the name of the study in the dialog name field. The other parameters will then change to those of the selected study. If you modify any of them, and then <click> [Apply] or [OK] the study will be changed.

Complete details for all studies are contained in the program documentation which you can view from the program by selecting { Help | Contents } from the SSChart main menu. Please look at the information under Moving averages and practice adding these. Adding any of the other studies is a similar process.

Using the cpsym utility

We have a command line utility "cpsym.exe" that can be used to rename a symbol file when a symbol name is changed.

Cpsym.exe needs to be run from a command console window (Dos prompt). The syntax is: cpsym oldfile newfile [price adjust amt]

to copy the data from the oldfile to the newfile renaming the symbol in the process. (If you just do a copy or rename, it will not change the symbol internally in the data file and the file will not be usable by SSChart). If you give a price adjust amount, it is added to every price in newfile during the copy. (This amount may be negative, or omitted ).

Cpsym intructions:

  1. Download the cpsym utility using this link . (This file is zipped, you will need to save the file to your harddrive and unzip it.) Unzip the file, saving the extracted cpsym.exe file to your ..\SSChart\DATA directory. (You can put it elsewhere if you understand how to set the data search path to find it.)
  2. Open a "command prompt" window. You can either find it under the windows start menu, or select Start | Run then enter cmd.exe as the name of the program and <click> [OK].
  3. Change directories to you SSChart data directory, e.g. "CD \SSCHART\DATA" if you installed SSChart in the suggested location.
  4. For example to change the intraday data for the symbol ABC to XYZ
    1. type DIR ABC*<enter> on the command console to list the data files for ABC, you are looking for the files that start with ABC....., if you have previously collected data for ABC, there will be a file ABC.1MIN.
    2. To convert this file to the new name "XYZ" type:
      cpsym ABC.1min XYZ.1min<enter>
    3. type DIR XYZ*<enter> again to check that the file has actually been copied to the new name. Note the .1min file contains the data for all time based intraday charts for that symbol, that is 5-min, 15-min , etc.
    4. If you collected data for the symbol for tick charts or volume charts you can use a similar procedure to copy these to the new name.
  5. Example 2: Say you are collecting data for the Hang Seng Index future, and at rollover to a new month, you would like to use the last months price adjusted data as the start of the new months data. You should do this before you start collecting data for the new month. Actually, you need the new months ticker line in TWS so you can see the difference in price of the two contracts at the time you want to do this. Say for example the new month is trading 20 points below the price of the old month.
    1. In the sschart DATA directory type: DIR *HSI* to get a list of the data files for HSI to see the full name of the file you want to convert. For all the intraday timeframes, the data is saved in a .1min file.
    2. cpsym FH_HSI_200412.1min ..\HDATA\FH_HSI_200501.1min -20<enter>
    3. This will put the new file in the hdata directory where it will be used by the UPDATE command in the chart for FH_HSI_200501.
    4. Start SSchart, and open and intraday time chart for FH_HSI_200501, the <right click> and select update.

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