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 Below is a 4 x 1 reduction of the program display across about 1-1/2 monitor screens in a 2 monitor setup. Full size image is here.

 All of the following are individual windows withing the parent window. All of these can be resized and arranged as desired.

 Intraday candlestick stock chart

Intraday charts are collected from quotes during market hours. Several days of data are saved to disk so you can review charts later.

With IB or myTrack data, you can get intraday data "backfill" even if you were not collecting quotes.

 intraday e-mini futures tick chart

This is a 400 tick ohlc view of an underlying 100 tick chart.

These are available when you are getting streaming quotes from one of our quote routers.

Each bar is composted of a fixed number of ticks (trades), so the x-axis scale is trades rather than time.

Intraday candlestick chart

The above chart shows SP500 Nasdaq100 and Dow30 minifutures plotted together showing the percentage change in each.

Below another showing 5 different currency futures (plotted as stairstep lines).

Below the spread between QQQQ and DIA, the zero point is set for equal notional value of each (presumably at the point of opening a spread trade, which can be done graphically on the chart when using IB TWS).


Below is another type of spread chart produced by dividing the value ES (SP500 minifuture) by EUR (euro currency future) which effective plots the price of ES in euros instread of dollars.

Alerts designed for active trading. Just drag the bell to set an alert.

Market maptime and sales display

Keep an eye on the market, or any group of stocks with the SLFMap. The Time & Sales window is available when you get realtime data via one of the quote routers.

The "HorseRace" chart is another way to watch groups of stocks. The upper pane shows the change from the previous close. You can immediately spot gaps at the open, and more importantly see which way they are going after the gap. Middle pane shows percentage change in the last five minutes.

The P&L window is available when using IB TWS. It is automatically updated to show each underlying you have a position in, whenever you are connected to TWS. You can optionally combine options, and SSFs along with stocks to show a single combined unrealized P&L for each underlying you have a position in. The cursor tooltip shows the position and P&L details when you hold down the mouse button in a column. The three panes (from top to bottom) show total P&L, today's change, and the margin requirement for each position.

When you subscribe the the myTrack data source, you can also get the ECN orderbook:

ECN orderbook

and NASDAQ LEVEL II display:

NASDAQ level 2 display

Use PAPER TRADING interface with any quote source to practice trading before you use real money. Handles complex order combinations using One Cancels All modifier on orders. Includes STOP and Trailing Stop orders.

Includes built in accelerated simulation of e-mini data that can be paper traded and charted.

There is a similar REAL TRADING interface for IB accounts, and a new Graphical Trading interface for both paper and real trading.

Download SSChart and try it for free, take the time to look at the documentation and find the shortcuts which will allow you to use the program more efficiently.

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