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The documentation is in HTML format and selecting the { Help | Contents } menu item should launch your browser and display the documentation.


If this does not happen it is generally due to a configuration problem on your computer. In this case you can manually access the documentation by starting your browser and loading the page .\HELP\index.htm. (From the HELP subdirectory created in the directory where you installed SSChart.)

Note: If you default browser is Mozilla Firefox, the browser needs to be open before the above {Help | Contents} sequence, or any of the [Help} buttons in the various dialogs will work.

How to manually open the documentation

  • Start Internet Explorer,
  • select {File | Open}
  • <click> on the [Browse...] button
  • Select the index.htm file located in the HELP directory of your SSChart installation directory.
  • <click> [OK]

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