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SSChart provides a graphical trading interface to an Interactive Brokers account for real trading, or any data source for paper trading.

Order creation and placement is accomplished by selecting one of the order symbols in the upper right portion of the chart with the mouse, and placing it at the desired price level. Placement operates in an identical manner to the placement of the quick alert (bell) symbols

Separate configuration parameters are kept for each symbol traded. The line drawn horizontally from the symbol when the order is placed is colored to reflect the orders status (Submitted, PendingCancel, etc.). Opening orders can be configured to automatically be entered with a stop, a trailing stop, or a bracket order pair (closing target, and stop with OCA). Easily add another leg to OCA orders..

Many order entry errors are avoided by the visual interface. Stop orders automatically become either buy or sell depending upon which side of the current trading price you place them. It takes less time to enter orders, and they are easier to monitor especially when you have several orders open since you can see exactly where they are on the chart. Adjust your orders by simply moving the symbols up or down.

If you make a lot of trades, its very helpful not to have to keep switching your attention between the chart and the trading interface. You no longer need to translate where you want to trade from the visual mode of the chart to the numerical mechanics of the order entry.

Hot keys are also available to close or reverse your position or do a market buy or sell (simulated by a limit order with a slippage limit configured for the symbol).

Thoroughly study the documentation on this feature before using. (Documentation is installed with the program).

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