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 SSChart support for FA (advisor) accounts

If you will be connecting to an IB TWS advisor account, check the Advisor Account box under {File | Preferences...} as shown below:

Note, if you enter anything in the Account box, it must match exactly the setting you make in the TWS Configuration "Display" page under Titlebar Text. This is used by the Auto-Start TWS code to locate the window and detect when it is running. Client Id and Port Number settings must match settings in TWS as before. (This is useful if you run more than one copy of TWS, connecting to different accounts).

Advisor toolbar and trading

Make sure { View | Advisor bar } is checked to display the advisor toolbar, (show below):

(Note if the toolbar displays on a separate line, you can drag it to the main toolbar line if there is enough room for it in your display).

The advisor toolbar pulldown, displays a list of Aliases, Profiles, and Groups currently setup in TWS. To create or edit these, you must use the TWS Configuration dialog.

After you connect to your TWS account (by starting quote collection), the pulldown will display the list of Aliases, Profiles, and Groups it has received from TWS, whenever you click the pulldown arrow...

The account you currently have selected in this pulldown affects both orders sent from SSChart (via graphic trading), and the contents of the P&L window.

After starting quotes depress the button to the right of the pulldown, which enables receiving of account and portfolio updates from TWS and also rotates through these every two or three minutes.

Note, when this is on, the account currently requested by SSChart also affects the TWS account window, i.e; the TWS account window account selected gets changed by SSChart. This also affects the positions shown under the Portfolio ticker page of TWS (if you have one). For FA accounts, the account selected in the TWS account window, is the one that will be displayed by the portfolio page.

When trading or examining the account or portfolio pages in TWS, switch account updates button off in SSChart to avoid it changing the account.

To keep the P&L window and account NLV charts up to date in SSChart switch it on (at least sometime during the days session).

The account alias, profile, or group, you have selected in this pulldown will be applied to every order (for all symbols) you create in SSChart while that advisor item (alias, profile, or group) is selected.

If the default method of a group is PctChange then any orders created will be sent to TWS but not transmitted. You will need to manually fill in the Percentage amount in TWS and transmit the order from there. For all other profile and group types the orders are transmitted.

The exception to this is for negative PctChange method groups (which are most useful for closing or reducining a postion across accounts). If you create the group name containing a number preceded by an 'm' (for minus) and the method is PctChange, then the number following the 'm' will be used as the negative percentage change amount, and the order will be transmitted automatically. For example if you create a group named gAllm50 with the method PctChange, then the percentage of -50% will be used for the order, and the order will be transmitted directly from SSChart.

If you chose to use the graphical trading, we strongly advise you practice using these features in an FA Paper trading account first so you thoroughly understand how they work before using them in your real account. Be sure to look at the account selected in the account pulldown each time before placing an order with graphic trading to check on the account or group currently selected.

The P&L window contents will be for the currently selected account, if an alias is selected in the toolbar, or for the group of accounts, if a profile or group is selected.

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