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If you can't find the solution to your problem here, email us at with a detailed description of the problem. Include what operating system you are running, and exactly what point in the setup procedures you have a problem. Your feedback helps improve the product! Even if this page solves your problem, sending a report will help us see statistically where people are encountering difficulties and make improvements.

General Problems

All symbols reported invalid

Recent versions of TWS seem to get confused when you have a bad symbol, into think every symbol is bad. This happens when you have and expired future or option symbol, that used by good, but is now no longer trading. Check the {View | Messages dialog} to locate the first symbol that was reported invalid, this usually gives you a clue. To eliminate it out of SSChart, you need to remove it from SLFMaps and any other window it might be in (inluding Time&Sales, charts, etc.). One hidden source that you might not see is if you have been using the graphical trading and still have and open order recorded there for either real or paper trading. If the order info is obsolete you might need to exit the program and delete the file CONFIG\openorders.dump to get rid of the order that isn't visible. If you have modified alias file you are using to include reference to a specific future contract, this can also be a source of the symbol being included. You need to edit the file again once the future is expired.

TWS ticker pages scrolls continually

This sometimes happens when you autostart TWS and it takes a long time to get its connection going (possibly due to a long pause while you enter your security code). If you see the tickers scrolling out of site in TWS this seems to be somekind of communication intialization problem. The fix is to shutdown SSChart (which usually results in the scrolling stopping immediately after you do this). When the scrolling stops, restart SSChart and reconnect (or if SSChart is set to auto-connect, just give it a chance to do this, which should happen within a few seconds). Connection will be fine after restarting. In the event TWS is still misbehaving after closing SSChart, shutdown TWS and restart it, once it is getting data, restart SSChart and connect.

TWS shuts down

Check the auto logoff time under TWS {Configure | Misc | Auto logoff time}. Note IB US servers currently shutdown near midnight eastern time until 12:30 AM next morning. (Exact times can vary). Its best to restart both the router and SSChart after the maintenance shutdown. When TWS shuts down, SSChart reports the connection lost and shuts off quote
collection, you must restart quote collection after bringing TWS back up.

Slow response, losing data, generally messed up

Check memory usage on you system using Windows Task Manager (NT/2000/XP only). If the memory shown in use is higher than your physical memory then Windows will be swapping one or more programs out of memory (virtual memory). This is absolutely unacceptable for a realtime programs like TWS and SSChart. This will cause all sorts of problems with missed quotes, etc. Close down unnecessary programs or add more RAM to your system. It may be necessary to reboot occasionally as some programs (internet explorer for example) do have memory leaks (i.e. fail to give up memory that they no longer need in some circumstances).

Just as a reference, we have 256Megs of RAM on a 1.2Ghz Athlon system running WIndows 2000 , and this is sufficent to run SSChart, TWS (maybe two instances) and the browser (until it starts leaking memory). SSChart typically consumes small fraction of the RAM that TWS consumes.

Connection accepted, no errors, but no data in chart

First realize an intraday chart will not suddely appear for the whole day if you have just started collecting data. Data is built in realtime as it comes in, so the markets must be open, the symbol must have some trading activity.

Secondly, there is no connection to IB TWS until the quote button is depressed (in the SSChart toolbar).

The ability to get data for times prior to when you started collecting data is called "backfill", to get backfill from IB, <right-click> in the chart and select {Update}, the update can take several seconds or as long as about a minute. The status line at the bottom the the SSChart window shows what is being requested. Sometimes IB servers will return no data for the first request, but will retrieve it if you make a seconds request.

The chart will be built one bar at a time going forward from when you start collecting data. All data you collect will be saved to disk so you can exit and restart SSChart and it will keep the data you collect in the previous run, but will have nothing for the period when you weren't collecting any.

A good way to see that the data is coming in is open a Time&Sales window and drop the symbol in. (You must use drag-and-drop to get the symbol into a time&sales window.)

Other possible causes of no data displayed:

  1. It is outside US market hours and the Show all Sessions setting is not made in the chart. <right click> in the chart and select Show all Sessions from the pop-up menu. (If this setting is already selected it will have a check mark next to it. Note for US futures times outside of 0930-1600 are considered extended session and require the above setting to be displayed.
  2. The symbol was entered incorrectly. Check the router console screen and see if "invalid ticker" error was reported for some id number.

No data for some or all symbols

If no data is coming in for any symbols SSChart warns with a "thump" sound, and the status bar displays the time without data. We have seen occasions where TWS does not register the request for a ticker. Toggle the quote collection button (in SSChart) off and then on again. This will force a rerequest of quotes for all symbols.

Data for some symbols but not others

The TWS API currently limits the maximum number of symbols you can get data for to 100. Check the router console screen for error messages. Any request for a "ticker id" > 100 will fail for this reason. (Note: If you spend a lot in commissions you may get more symbols from TWS) You can try more symbols from time to time. TWS used to return and error to the API after the maximum number of symbols was reached (when the limit was 40), but it apparently no longer does, it just seems to ignore the symbols request after the limit is reached. TWS does display an error dialog, unless you've checked the "Don't display this message again" box. If you check the [x]Info box under {View | Status Messages}, it will display the requests numbers for each symbol when they are made so you can tell how many have been requested.

If you are under the 100 symbol limit, but are still not getting data for some symbols, try toggling quote collection off and then back on. This will force the program to re-request the data stream for all symbols. If noticed recently instances where TWS has apprently not registered some of the symbols requests. This has happened more frequently on slower computers.

(Note: Most of the info below relates to use of the SSQRouterIB program, and should not be an issue when using the IB TWS Socket Interface for quotes.)

Can't close program

If you set the quote data source to "SS IB Quote Router" and turn on quotes before you set the "hostname" you may get into a situation where SSChart will not shut down. (The thread for router communication is active preventing shut down). In this case you will need to use the windows task manager (<ctrl><alt><del> and select task manager) to kill sschart.exe. Be sure to follow all the configuration steps in order.

Can't connect to quote router

 If you have SS IB Quote Router selected as the Quote Data source under {Data | Internet Sources...} and any chart or SLFMap or other windows open in SSChart containing any symbols, then SSChart will attempt to connect to the quote router when you switch on continuous quotes. (Either <click> the toolbar button that looks like a green lightning bolt, or select {Data | Get Continuous Quotes}).

Possible causes of can't connect error:

  1. Hostname blank or wrong under {File | Preferences...} Note: If the router is running on the same machine as SSChart, try "" as the hostname.
  2. SSQRouterIB not running, or not running on machine that matches hostname. (SSQRouterIB can be minimized after you start it, but do not close it.)
  3. Router running on a different machine from SSChart and network sharing not setup properly. If you can not access each computer with my network places then you need to setup LAN first under windows.
  4. You changed quote source to a different router after connection to the first was made. Restart both quote router and SSChart. Verify quote source and hostname fields before quotes are switched on. (You might need to disable auto-collect under {File | Preferences...} to keep quotes collection from being automatically switched on when you start SSChart.
  5. No open channel (4 max.) from quote router to SSChart.
  6. SSChart crashed, or was killed with taskmanager and you restarted it without restarting the router. In this case it is necessary to exit and restart both programs to reset the communication channel.
  7. You are using a dial-up internet connection, and the connection is not established. (We recently discovered windows mistakenly thinks dial-up is necessary to establish pipe connection to the router even if it is on the same machine.)
  8. Your windows login password has expired. (Windows NT/2000/XP periodically prompts you to change your password. If you normally leave your system on all the time and ignore the warning and the password expires it can cause the pipe connection to the router to fail. Reboot and set a new password (or renew the same one) to correct this.)

If connection is made to quote router successfully the the router console screen shows "Connection established on channel 0" (or 1,2, or 3) and also "Spigot connection established on channel 0" (or 1,2, or 3). It then displays "Connecting.." which means it is attempting to connect to TWS. This is the point where you should get the "Accept incoming connection" dialog from TWS.

No "Accept incoming connection" dialog from TWS

Possible causes:

  1. Dialog is there but hidden underneath another window. Make TWS the active window which should bring the dialog to the top. (<click> in the TWS window, or on the taskbar button if it is minimized to make it active.)
  2. TWS API "ActiveX and socket clients" not enabled. Change setting in TWS under {Configure | API}.
  3. TWS API port not set to 7496 (or other port you have set in with the router 'login' command on the router console). Change setting in TWS under {Configure | API}.
  4. You have change the 'Host" setting with the 'login' command on the router console, and this is not the host (computer) that TWS is running on.
  5. TWS not running.
  6. TWS not connected to IB servers (TWS grid lines all purple). Wait for TWS to reconnect and then retry.
  7. Router already connected to TWS. If you exit and restart SSChart, but leave the router and TWS running after it has established a connection, the connection is maintained. If the connection is present you should be getting data in SSChart if any trading is occuring.
Connection in TWS accepted but SSChart gives "Can't connect to quote router" error

Possible cause:

  1. TWS "Accept incoming connection" dialog not answered with 30 seconds of switching on quotes. SSChart timed out while waiting for response from quote router so was no longer looking for a response. Stop and start quote collection again in SSChart. (If this does not work, exit and restart SSChart again. In some cases you might need to exit and restart both the quote router and SSChart.) Use the router auto-confirm connection feature.


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