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The myTrack interface to SSChart is no longer supported due to lack of interest. The lack of interest stems from myTrack sharply raising their data fees some years ago for use of the third party interface to their quote stream.

Setup of SSChart with myTrack data

(If you skip these suggestions you will probably spend more time trying to configure the program correctly.) First follow the general installation instructions and read the general quote router info page. Then proceed as follows:

  1. Start the SSQRouterMT.exe program from the SSChart installation directory. (Do not use SSQRouterIB.exe, this is to connect to an Interactive Brokers account, not myTrack). A command console will appear, do nothing with this at this point.
  2. Start SSChart
  3. Under the { File | Preferences } menu item,
    1. on the Data tab enter the Hostname (computer name) of the system on which SSQRouterMT is running, (even if this is the same system you are running SSChart on). SSQRouterMT can be run on the same system where you are running SSChart, or a different system if they are connected by a LAN. If it is a different system you must have a user password on system where you are running SSChart, otherwise it will not be able to connect. (If your computer does not have a name, give it one under LAN settings).
    2. If you will be charting data outside regular US hours (like futures) also make the Keep Extended Market Hour Data setting discussed below.
    3. If you want chart labels on the right (probably do) go to the Display tab and uncheck Draw Primary Labels on Left.
    4. <click> [OK]
  4. Under the { Data | Internet Sources... } menu item, in the Quote Data field, select SS myTrack Quote Router, also make the same selection in the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly data fields, then <click> [OK].
  5. Exit SSChart and restart (this will save your settings made above).
  6. Create at least one intraday chart with a symbol you want data for. (If you want data outside US stock trading market hours, like futures, you must <right click> in the chart and select Show All Sessions or your will only see the normal 0930-1600 hours. Note when Show All Sessions is selected it will show a check mark beside it).
  7. On the router console screen type login<enter>. This will prompt you for your myTrack username and password as well as proxy host, port, and tunnel settings. (Hit <enter> to leave current settings unchanged). The program remembers your settings, so once you have correctly entered them you will not need to do it again. (If you get error 5, your password is wrong).
  8. Start collecting quotes by selecting { Data | Get Continuous Quotes } or <click> on the quote collection button on the toolbar.
  9. At this point SSChart should communicate with the router program, and you should see the quote request logged on the router console window. This should also cause the connection to be made to the myTrack servers, and if you have not already entered your login info you will be prompted for it now.

Shutdown procedure:

  1. Exit SSChart
  2. Exit SSQRouterMT

Restart procedure:

Once you've successfully complete the setup above and are getting quotes, the restart procedure is simpler. Whenever you exit SSChart normally (didn't crash or kill it with taskmanger), the configuration and layout are saved. Restart should only require the following steps:

  1. Start SSQRouterMT
  2. Start SSChart
  3. Switch on continuous quotes (toolbar button, or {Data | Get Continuous Quotes} )

You may use the auto collect feature under {File | Preferences} to turn on quotes automatically at preset times.

The normal data collection time is set for the US equity markets normal hours. This is 0930 - 1600 eastern time, in order to keep the data for any time outside this (futures, foreign markets, extended market hour equities, etc.) it is necessary the check the "Keep Extended Market Hour Data" box under the user preferences data tab under { File | Preferences... }. See example below:

This will cause the data outside of normal market hours to be saved in the .1min file for each contract, however to display it in an intraday chart, you will also need to <right click> in each intraday chart and select Show All Sessions in the popup menu in order to see any data outside of regular session hours.

Data refreshing:

To get backfill in an intraday chart, <right click> in the chart and select Update. If you suspect old data may be corrupt and want to reload, <right click> and select Reload. If you have an SLFMap open SSChart will collect quotes for every symbol in the map, and you can drag-and-drop symbols from the map to any chart. There are other very useful shortcuts listed in the documentation under {Help | Contents}.The Get Single Quote selection will get a detailed quote for all symbols you are monitoring. This will take several seconds before all the symbols get updated (in SLFMap for instance).

SSQRouterMT errata:

 We have noted sometimes a few hours after market close, the router keeps getting disconnected and reconnected. Exiting and restarting the SSChart and the router usually seems to correct this.

Operating tips:

SSChart keeps all the chart data it collects on your local disk, when you restart the charts are complete to where you left off. The last quote data is not maintained however, so the SLFMaps will be blank (all 0% change) until you get quotes. Outside of market hours, you may just want to do a {Data | Get Single Quote} which will get the latest detailed quote for each symbol so the SLFMap gets colored, but will not start streaming quotes on the symbols.

We usually hit the "update charts" button on the toolbar after market close to update all our daily charts (listed in the current SLF file selected in the toolbar). Then we switch on { Data | Auto Update On } and start a slide show on an intraday chart to make sure we have corrected data on our intraday charts. We then have everything up to date to start the next session.

Because of the symbol parsing to add or remove more than one symbol in a chart, symbols containing "+" or "-" need to be quoted to enter in a chart. (For example VOD-L should be entered as "VOD-L"). You can be enter these symbols into an SLFMap (without the quotes) and then drag them into a chart.

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