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     Old Release History  

Release Version 1.60 (January-14-2002)

Program Changes:
Corrected problem typing new symbols into charts while quote updates are on.

Release Version 1.60b (December-22-2001)

Program Changes:
Data file format changed making the files approx %33 smaller. The .5min file is made obsolete, all intraday
data is only saved in 1 minute intervals now. Added: data export, "horserace" charts, batch update
of daily files by slf list, price editing (to remove manually remove glitches), audible and visual price alerts set graphically on charts.
Internal restructuring has eliminated most if not all crashes making the program much more stable on all platforms.

Release Version 1.50 (August-26-2001)

Program Changes:
Intraday charting from quotes added. SLFMAPs added, along with a number of other features.

Release Version 1.34 (April-5-2001)

Program Changes:
Added data import feature to import data from text files. Improved printing support. Fixed several minor annoyances. Change data file format in preparations for new coming features. (If you are upgrading, this makes and FAVORITE, DATA, and CONFIG files in old version obsolete, so you will need to delete these directories and redo your favorite chart layouts.

Release Version 1.33a (Jan-31-2001)

Program Changes:
Executable is identical to version 1.33, but support configuration file
was changed to properly support to the new host server.

Release Version 1.33

Program Changes
Changed method of indicating registration server to coincide with
our changing the host of our website.

Release Version 1.32

Program Changes:
Telescan data source went offline as free source. Made program
changes to prevent crash when attempting to retrieve data from this
source. Set default configuration to exclude telescan source.

Release Version 1.31

Program Changes:
Made change to server contact address to adjust for changes
made by site host.

Release Version 1.30 (First Official Release)

(December 1999)
Program Changes:
Added the ability to load a list of stock symbols from a text file named (*.slf).
Completed documentation.
Added the ability to get a permanent license key.
Some basic chart printing has been added.

Release Version 0.30 Beta

Program Changes
Added "Favorites" feature to save chart setup templates.
Fixed problem with large fonts being truncated in price display window.
Updated parse files to match a change in the intraday data sources so that retrieving intraday data will work again.

Release Version 0.29 Beta

Program Changes
Help buttons have been added to the dialog boxes. Pressing a help buttons brings up the online help files in the browser.

Fixed a program crash when entering an invalid stock symbol.

Fixed crash when charts saved with moving average types other than simple, and then program restarted.

Other Changes
Help documentation is now available in html format which can be viewed with your browser.

Release Version 0.28 Beta

Release Version 0.27 Beta
First beta release

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