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How to get the Software

If you do not already have SSChart you may get it now from our downloads page. If you have a version from a different site, check the version number under the { Help | About SSChart } menu item in the program. Check our downloads page to see if you have the latest release, if not please download and install a newer version.


The first time you install SSChart it will operate for 2-weeks to enable you to evaluate the software package (including the routers). Please decide for yourself if SSChart will meet your needs, if you wish to continue using it after this time, you will need to purchase a license.
(If not the program will not load any new data after the trial expires. You will however get an additional week to try any new versions we release after your initial trial expires.)

By purchasing a license you are helping to support continued development of the program. (We prefer not to spew advertising from our program, so the license fee and router lease are our only compensation for the thousands of hours of work that have gone into producing SSChart.) The license terms are available for viewing in the program by selecting { Help | View License }.

Price list (in US Dollars):
  • SSChart permanent single user license $50
  • *SSQRouter 1-month lease $15
  • *SSQRouter 3-month lease $39
  • *SSQRouter 1-year lease $120
  • **SSChart + SSQRouter combined monthly subscription $19

* The router lease is valid for all versions of the quote router. You must also have an SSChart permanent key installed to make use of the router.

** The combined monthly subscription is an alternative the the license, or license+lease. If you sign up for the monthly subscription you do not need the program license or individual router lease. Instead each month you will receive a new combined license key to enable the program for another month.

How to order

Use the "shopping cart" buttons or the "subscribe" button further near the bottom of this page.

Permanent license and router lease

When you complete the online ordering process you will receive a license "key" code by email. Enter this key in the program under { Help | Registration...}, license dialog and the program becomes licensed to you, and will remain fully functional for the period covered by the key.
The router lease will also be needed only if you will be using IB TWS or myTrack for your quote source. If you buy a router lease you get a separate "lease" code which will arrive in a separate email. The router lease code is good for any of the quote sources mentioned. (Note: If you are not connecting to either myTrack or IB TWS for quotes, you do not need the router lease).

Monthly subscription alternative

As an alternative to the buying the program license and router lease you can subscribe on a monthly basis for $19 per month. In this case you will be sent a combined lease code each month which enables both the program and quote routers until the next month. Payments recur automatically every month on the anniversary date of your signup until you cancel.

Not sure what you need? More details here.

Order details

All payments are handled by the PayPal service through their secure server. The process requires you to have:

  1. A valid email address 
  2. A valid bank-card (Visa, MC, Discover, Amex) or bank account to transfer funds from

Use the "Add to Cart" button for each item you are ordering below, this will open another browser window showing the items selected. Payment is handled by the PayPal secure server. You will receive a confirmation email from PayPal immediately after completing your payment. You will receive a separate email from us with your license key/lease code for each item ordered. This should arrive within a few minutes. If you have not received your keys within a few hours don't panic, just contact us. (See contact page for email address).

 SSChart single user license ($50)


 SSQRouter 1 month lease ($15)


 SSQRouter 3 month lease ($39)


SSChart 3 month router lease

 SSQRouter 1 year lease ($120)


SSChart combined monthly subscription* ($19/mo.)


*Subscription payments will be automatically charged and a new key sent each month on the anniversary of your sign-up. The key will keep SSChart and the routers enabled for one full month. You may cancel any time before the next billing date to avoid further payments. (You can use the button below to unsubscribe)

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