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   Release Notes  Version 2.76  

Upgrading to 2.66 or later

Beginning with SSChart version 2.66, the installation is by a windows installation package (.msi file) rather than the zip file. We've designed it to keep all your previous settings and data from prior versions, but there are a few important caveats. Please read the rest of this page before running the installation if you are upgrading from a prior release.

We recommend you use the default install location of (C:\Program files\SSChart) when installing or upgrading unless you want to install to a different drive letter. In either case, upgrading will be the most trouble free if you install later version to the same location when upgrading.

Note: You must close the SSChart window before installing a new version, if the program is running.

All of your data and settings from the previous version will be preserved with the following exception:

  • If you have altered one of the alias files, it will be overwritten by the new installation and any changes you made will be lost UNLESS you change the name of the file. This is recommened anytime you change one of the alias files. After changing the name you should also change the setting under {Data | Internet sources...} to use the new name of the file.,

  • If you install the newer version to a different location:

    The first time you run the new version the following prompt will appear:

    If you answer [Yes], SSChart will copy the existing data files and applicable configuration files from the the location of the previous version, to the new install location. If you answer [No] they will be left where they are. After this has been done you can delete the directory where the old installation was. (You will need to do this manually with the desktop explorer, it is not done automatically by the new installation in this case).


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