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Release version 3.21 (May-01-2017)

Change to adapt to yahoo historic data download site change to https from http (April 2017). Prior versions of SSChart are unable to download historic data after this change was instituted. Current version uses linux wget utility ported to windows to handle data fetch. Each historic update downloads as .csv file in the HDATA directory before updating the chart. This version also contains additional alerts for price crossing a study line or one study line crossing another (e.g. 10MA crosses 50MA). These are only useful if you have live streaming quotes. Change in quote request algorithms from IB, to stop rerequesting streams if data is not subscribed. Sort durations added to SLFMaps. In addition to sorting by change from previous day, you can also sort by 1 week, 2 weeks, up to 1 Yr. (^D hotkey cycles through). Charts with mulitple symbols can display 1 of the MA studies in the chart for the lines rather than the price. This is useful for comparing relative change for several stocks, ETFs, or Mutual funds.

Release version 3.14 (Mar-27-2011)

Some changes for better handling of inhibited sysmbols and external portfolio. These allow the change in price coloring in SLFMaps to get updated after a "daily" update of the symbols. This was previously only handled for symbols receiving intra-day quotes. (1) The main purpose is to allow you to create SLFMaps with lists of symbols for mutual funds and symbols that you don't want intraday quotes for (IB), and still do an "update all daily" in the SLFmap and get the change from previous day coloring. (2)External (mutual fund or otherwise) positions can be defined in a special text file so SSChart "knows" about them and is able to draw the position line on charts for that symbol. (3)Added a command line utility "SSMerge" that consoldates several contract's worth of daily data on futures into the current contract daily file. Details on how to use these features are here.

Release version 3.13 (Aug-06-2010)

Some changes to registry usage for Windows 7 (Still not working properly for Windows 7). Auto-login works better again with TWS 906 and 907.

Release version 3.12 (Apr-03-2010)

Changes to auto-launch and login code for starting TWS to adapt to Login dialog changes in TWS version 903.7. If you are using this feature and an earlier version of TWS you should continue to use SSChart version 3.11 until you upgrade TWS to 903.7 or a later version.

Release version 3.11 (Nov-12-2009)

Made internal change to use floating point value for contract multiplier rather than integer to support what seems to be the only contract in the world with a fractional multiplier (YG the gold mini-future).
Rerequest account updates every minute (for updating special portfolio symbol A~Uxxxxxx). TWS used to send these continually every 2 or 3 minutes. In some prior version of TWS they seemed to have stopped doing this (except for paper accounts which still seem to automatically send this info every 3 minutes???). NOTE: We skipped this version number from 3.01 to 3.11 because the install builder we are using treats the zero after the decimal point as a leading zero and removes it.

Release version 3.01 (May-26-2009)

Added sound selection for auto-starting TWS. (To alert you to enter the security code for login if needed. Use the {File|Preferences} sound tab to set).
Changed position/price override syntax to use '/' rather than '@' which became unusable when the hot-key for 2-day chart interval was added.
Fixed cause of a crash that could occur when charts for aliased symbols that had no intraday data source were opened.
Changed the method of appying volume of incoming ticks from IB. Fixed size multiplier for long format symbols (when IB was data source a long format symbol for Futures or Options was using a multiplier of 100 for the incoming size. This affected long format symbols only).

Release version 3.00 (Mar-30-2009)

Added new NYSELIFFE exchange (for IB). Abbreviation for this exchange is "Q". Gold and Silver futures formerly on ECBOT are now traded on this exchange. To migrate your existing symbol data see Using the cpsym utility.

Release version 2.99 (Mar-13-2009)

Fixed time issue for Australian time zones not showing time. If Australian markets not watched, then no difference between this release and 2.98.

Release version 2.98 (Mar-11-2009)

Fixed time problem that was causing market times shown in charts to be one hour behind after new start of Daylight saving time.

Release version 2.97 (Dec-04-2008)

Fixed problem with updating spread charts. In the prior release (and possible the one before that) the update of spread charts was not working because a minor macro change caused the program to not recognize spread charts as such in many parts of the program. This realease fixed that problem and restores spread chart functioning.

Release version 2.96 (Nov-16-2008)

Change to requesting market data (from TWS) so that default (SMART) stock symbols explicitly are requested with USD currency. In some cases IB's "SMART" algorithm was attempting to return data for stocks using the requested symbol traded on a non-US exchange in a currency other that USD, resulting in no data returned, and no Historic (HMDS) data available either. Often and error of "requested data not subscribed" was returned. All unencoded symbols now explicitly request in USD currency. A configuration file can now be added to override the currency and exchange used for specific symbols on a symbol by symbol basis. See more info on this here.

Release version 2.95 (Jun-28-2008)

Documentation added for (economic) Events feature.

OCA group handling for graphic orders upgraded. Some time ago TWS started changing the OCA group name we assigned in many circumstances causing some problems. We have reworked SSCharts handling to detect this and use their assigned numeric group name while still using letters in the display for easy identification. The order pop-up menu (obtained by <right-click> on an placed order symbol) will show the OCA group name used in TWS so you can match the graphic order with what shows in TWS. In some cases (like restarting after a program crash) SSChart loses the order letter we had assigned. In this case we now assign a new (an possible different) letter.

We have added the ability to attach and order to a study in a chart (such as a moving average, PSAR, etc.). This functions a form of trailing order that follows the study value. See the documentation section for "Graphical Trading" for more detail.

Charts now remember the last size setting of the middle and bottom panes when you hide them and bring them back.

Orders entered in TWS will show in the charts when graphic trading is enabled but can not be altered or deleted from the chart. The reason for this is unknown. (This is now confirmed to be a bug in TWS version 882, 883, 884, so should get fixed by IB soon). Orders entered on the chart using graphic trading can be manipulated both from the chart and from TWS (as before).

A new feature "Apply favorite..." is added to the chart menu. This copies all the studies and other appearance characteristics from a favorite to the current chart.

Release version 2.94 (May-19-2008)

Adapted to change in IB returned historic daily data (futures, etc), Recent undocmented change in IB's API affected date on historic data returned by update and reload function so that dates all appeared to be fixed to some date in 1970. We've adapted to this change so correct date is returned again.

New feature (econmic events reminders) added. (Documentation to be added at a later date).

Release version 2.93 (May-10-2008)

Modified graphic trading mode compound order types. Now more flexible. You can create bracket orders with the opening order being a STP or MIT order and attach either a stop or target order or both automatically. New hot-keys assigned for changing order modes (F2 F3 F4). See the included documentation for Graphical Trading to understand the changes before using. View status messages hot-key changed to F5. Fixed daylight savings time specification for SNFE (Australia). (Note, we have been having problems with the recent releases of TWS hogging the CPU and practically locking the system at times. We have found TWS 877.8 to work reliably without doing this. we have preserved the install for this version of TWS here if you are having similar problems and would like to fall back to a more reliable release.)

Release version 2.92 (Apr-26-2008)

Added another variation of spread charts "rspreads" plot the value of one security divided by the value of another with a definable scaling factor applied to each. This allows you to plot things like dow index in euros, or gold, or barrels of oil, etc.. (See the installed documentation under "Spread Charts"). Update of daily interval spread charts can now be done (internally combining daily data for each leg of the spread). Added hotkeys to produce rolling 5-day charts (and other intervals).

Release version 2.91 (Mar-29-2008)

Added intraday charting of spreads between any two symbols (securities), including limited graphical trading. (See the installed documentation under "Spread Charts"). When using IB, the program now syncs the local clock with IB's server periodically instead of accessing one of the government atomic clock sites over the web at startup, unless you check the "no clock sync" box in the preferences menu. Fixed day of week determination shown in the chart data tooltip that was in error after Feb 29 (leap year).

Release version 2.90 (Oct-03-2007)

Solved P&L window problems for FA accounts. Added group syntax for negative percent change order type for graphical trading, which will transmit the order when dropped. See more info and FA account features here. Alert colors are now set in SLFMaps for excluded symbols. Support added for special advance/decline symbols from IB, so that they will now chart.

Release version 2.89 (Jun-11-2007)

Fixed problem where IB update of data did not update for most recent hour in minutes charts, version 2.88 appeared to have only fixed this problem in seconds charts due to oversight. Some new variations of line chart types added (these can be set through the {Chart | Properties...} dialog or via the (Shift-D) hotkey. P&L window not showing correct position for FA accounts due to problems in TWS which hopefully will be corrected by next release of TWS.

Release version 2.88 (May-09-2007)

Fixed problem causing seconds interval charts to not be updated during extended session hours when that option was set. Added Heikin-Ashi candle display mode. Added hot-key (Shift-D) to toggle between display modes for charts. Fixed crash that happened sometimes while updating intraday charts.

Release version 2.87 (Apr-13-2007) (Build #4975756)

Corrected IB backfill data stale by 1 hour problem that appears to have started with change to DST in UK. At this point GMT appears to be interpreted differently than UTC by IB's backfill servers. Fixed problem with import that prevented new data being imported when a daily file already existed for the same symbol. Added day of week to chart pop-up info display.

Release version 2.87 (Apr-07-2007)

Corrected IB backfill data stale by 1 hour problem that appears to have started with change to DST in UK. At this point GMT appears to be interpreted differently than UTC by IB's backfill servers. Note, it appears there was in error in producing this release that resulting in the msi file actuall containing version 2.86, this is corrected by later release.

Release version 2.86 (Mar-21-2007)

Full support for FA accounts (IB Advisor accounts with up to 15 clients). Graphic trading and P&L window now supports multiple accounts, groups and profiles of accounts for placing trades and viewing P&L results. Fixed some problems and made further improvements to data backfill. Removed some absolete toolbar buttons, and discontinuing support of MyTrack router.

Release version 2.85 (Mar-13-2007)

Ajust for new daylight saving time (change for IB socket connection quotes was inadvertently left out of 2.84). Fixed bug that was causing data spikes in intraday charts when changing symbols in daily charts. (Uncertain if this affected the last release, but was an issue in house during the last two weeks). More support of FA accounts (not yet complete, P&L window and trading in FA accounts not yet ready in this release).

Release version 2.84 (Mar-09-2007)

Adjusted configuration for new start of daylight saving time in North America. New preference checkbox under {File Preferences.../Misc} specifies account is (FA) advisor account. Connection to advisor accounts now OK. More work remains to be done for account value reporting and trading from SSChart to function properly with FA accounts.

Release version 2.83 (Feb-25-2007)

Added Price Volume Distribution charts for the current day. Added margin.cfg file to specify margin (that you want to display) for futures in the bottom pane of the P&L window. Fixed crash when changing a chart timeframe to weekly or monthly while quotes are on. Improved historic backfill from IB to stay within pacing limits imposed by IB servers. The result is backfill now works more reliably, even though it is slow, we are requesting data as fast is IB will allow and feed it. SLFMap now shows a small box in lower left corner of each cell with a pending bacground update. Once the update is completed the box disappears.

Release version 2.82 (Jan-21-2007)

Update configuration for downloading yahoo historic data. (Formatting change of data on yahoo servers requires this update). Charts created by selecting a favorite from the {Chart} menu are now created with no symbol (blank), type or drop a symbol in the chart after it is created. Added account name to TWS options under {File | Preferences... / Misc}. By entering the account name here (case sensitive) as shown in the TWS Banner, the program is able to properly autostart the correct TWS account. Without this, if you already have a TWS running which is connected to a different account than you wish to connect to, the autostart fails. Added color coded symbol labels to percentage scaled charts containing multiple symbols. Improved IB intraday backfill performance. Most recent day loads first while the rest of the chart is update in the background. The data source specifcation for the yahoo foreign servers have been removed as these added no value beyond the US server which still has access to any foreign securities tracked by yahoo.

The free intraday stock backfill (delayed) that was available when not using IB appears to be no longer active and has been removed.

Release version 2.81 (Dec-14-2006)

Fixed program crash in version 2.80 that could occur if you had and open or recently closed position in a futures contract, but did not have the symbol in SSChart (in either a chart, SLFMap, or other window). Crash would happen shortly after connection to TWS.

Release version 2.80 (Dec-10-2006)

Added new playback feature which can playback tick-by-tick historic futures data at accelerated rates for practice trading.

Added special portfolio horserace chart for IB, which is populated automatically with your current positions.

Fixed problem where update of daily chart from intraday data was lost. Improved plot of contracts by marketprice (mostly forex, and options). Added "Update All Daily from Intraday" option to SLFMap pop-up menu. This is most useful for futures. to maintain daily charts for futures that you monitor intraday.

Fixed problem where manually switching off quotes for IB did not actually stop the incoming quote stream.

Added mechanism to create default order definitions by secturity type (STK, FUT, or OPT) to be used for any contract where a specific definition has not been created yet. See program doc for Order Setup Dialog.

Added IB preference option to not request quotes for options and SSF symbols. SSChart normally requests data for any symbols with open positions. In the case of most options and SSF's, since the trading is not that heavy its better to plot bid/ask average rather than trades, if you plot anything at all. This option prevents or option and SSF positions from using up your symbol allotment from TWS by suppressing the market data requests. If you have [x]info messages check in the status message window you will see a message showing symbol data requests and those suppressed.

Release version 2.79 (May-28-2006)

Fixed bug that caused moving OCA orders for ECBOT contracts to be rejected with error complaining about field #583. Automatically construct daily chart for futures from current intraday data available when the symbol is dropped into a daily chart for the first time (this update is from intraday data you already have and does not request intraday backfill from IB, you must do this first if needed). Made removal of cancelled dependent orders that were never activated more streamlined (for graphic trading). Added n-period highest high and lowest low studies to external studylib1. Added draw menu item to main menu. Implemented price snap modes for line drawing.

Release version 2.78 (May-7-2006)

Fixed bug that caused error reports of not being able to open .1min files when file save dialogs (like save SLFMap as) were open.

Release version 2.77 (April-19-2006)

Changed code so auto-login works with TWS 857.7. (IB Changed to TWS login window so this version or later is required to work properly. If you use and earlier version of SSChart with TWS 857.7 or later it will launch TWS but not complete the login.

Change made that should eliminate the problem where intraday charts occasionally stop updating for 1 or more bars. This appeared to be a program race condition and theoretically this change should fix it. Please report if you see this problem in this version.

Release version 2.76 (March-25-2006)

Added { Data | Update from Intraday Data } to update daily charts (mainly for futures) from intraday data you have collected. Support added for the MIT and LIT order types under graphical trading and the trade dialogs.

Release version 2.75 (February-06-2006)

Changed function of { View | Scale Most Recent Price } making it more useful for adjusting chart scaling after market gaps. See the tutorial for description.

Release version 2.74 (January-14-2006)

Adjusted program to use IBs new way of calculating average cost for future positions as the notional value less commissions. See more info here.

Release version 2.73 (January-04-2006)

Added option to ignore incorrect average cost for future positions returned by TWS and a means to manually override the internally corrected value. The correct average cost and position values are needed to properly display the position line for graphical trading. This is a workaround for a recent problem with TWS. See more info here. Fixed a crash which would happen if you deleted a symbol from an SLFMap and then selected EXCLUDE for another symbol.

Release version 2.72 (December-06-2005)

Plotting of charts with 5-Second, 15-Second, or 30-Second bars is added to this release. The data in these charts is only temporary, as long as you keep the chart open (minimized charts are still open). The data for seconds charts is not saved to disk, so when you restart, open a new chart, and change symbols in the chart, it always comes up blank. When you are using IB TWS as the data source, you can backfill these charts using the { Update } selection from the pop-up menu. The maximum length of these charts is fixed at 1600 bars (ignoring the number of days of intraday data to keep parameter in the preferences dialog).

A bug was fixed that may have causes some symbols to disappear from SLFmaps when additions and deletions were made. In some cases this may have caused a program crash.
New symbol syntax added for IB to specify the <currency> which may be necessary to specify symbols on foreign exchanges. (For example Canadian stocks for US accounts). Updated configuration for new extended DTB futures trading hours.

Release version 2.71 (November-11-2005)

Expanded IB historic backfill capability. The program will now fetch intraday data for the number of days you specify to keep under {File | Preferences}. (IB supplies up to six months back). We now also use IB for backfill of daily data for any symbol containing the "_" character (i.e; not stocks). This allows you to get daily data for futures, options, and FX. The backfill from IB is quite slow, and since it also only covers the last six months, we still use yahoo or one of the other sites for stock data. In order to plot FX (CASH), options and other instruments that are sparsely traded, we have added the M~ prefix that can be added to any symbol to specify the plot is "market-price" rather than the usual trades. The market-price is the average of the current bid and ask, or the last trade. On backfill we request MIDPOINT data from IB in this case. Backfill is now taken care of by a separate thread so as to not delay the updating of charts and other windows. While the UPDATE is in progress for a window, the word "updating..." will be displayed on the chart quote line.

Release version 2.70 (July-20-2005)

Added "Update Intraday" to SLFMap pop-up menu. Horserace sort options added. Made improvements to IB intraday update, so update from HDATA directory (when available) is dones also. Made separate "days to keep" settings for tickcharts and volume charts under {File | Preferences}. Handle new IB "Data Farm" status messages.

Release version 2.69 (May-20-2005)

Corrects for IB server-side change that rejects the submission of OCA orders that use the same OCA name as a recently filled order. (This affected graphic trading). OCA letters now continue to change for a day or until Z is reached.

Release version 2.68 (May-04-2005)

Makes use of the intraday data backfill from TWS when using IB Socket Interface as the quote source (and quotes are on). Improved A~account symbol handling to show percent change in SLFMaps. The "update all daily" function both from the toolbar button and from the pop-up menu in SLFMaps, now operates in the background via a separate thread so that charts are still updated real-time while this operation proceeds.

Release version 2.67 (Mar-30-2005)

Update to handle revised order status message sent by TWS 843.7 or later. (Earlier versions of SSChart will return status error messages about every minute when you have open orders when running with TWS 843.7 or later).

Release version 2.66 (Feb-28-2005)

Fixed problem where studies disappeared from charts when saving the page layout to a new filename. Improved auto re-start of TWS handling after TWS auto-logoff. Changed auto collection of quotes specification under { File | Preferences... }, each day of the week can now have its own start, stop, and optionally, restart time. This allows for specifying maximal available uptime when IB servers are up (important for futures trading). Found work-around for blank chart appearing after startup.

Release version 2.65 (Feb-04-2005)

Fixed compatiblity problem with newly released TWS 840. Fixed problem where deleting a symbol from SLFMap did not make it go away internally. Enanced TWS autostart code so it once again reliably restarts quotes after autostarting TWS after the auto-logoff of TWS. Improvements to usage of marketdepth for trading. (This is enabled by a preference setting).

Release version 2.64 (Jan-25-2005)

Previous two versions it was discovered today could in some circumstances stop updating the studies on 1-min charts. This revision will correct that, but you will need to collect some data (at least 1 trade), then exit and restart to program to reset things so the studies update on 1-min charts again. Other timeframes were not affected.

Release version 2.63 (Jan-23-2005)

Added new exchange abbreviations. Added preference item for using market depth when trading via SSChart. This is of use mainly when trading futures. Modified ticker request algorithm to avoid some TWS errors.

Release version 2.62 (Jan-05-2005)

Fixed a program crash that could happen with dropping a new symbol into a chart with drag-and-drop, or using the PgUp or PgDn keys to scroll through a list of symbols. Real trading with IB now makes use of the market depth info to show a worst case depth for limit orders in the "chart info" window. This works well for futures, but is probably worthless for stocks due to the limited view of the market depth.

Release version 2.61 (Dec-31-2004)

Fixed lease key expiration calculation when expiration crosses into the new year.

Release version 2.60 (Dec-18-2004)

Fixed problem where "save page layout" sometimes resulted in a blank page when reloading the saved page. Drawn lines no longer disappear from daily, weekly, or monthley charts when "update" is done.

Release version 2.59 (Oct-26-2004)

Fixed local timezone conversion bug that caused market time shift of one hour when daylight savings time ended.

Release version 2.58 (Apr-19-2004)

Fixed request data for version 822.x for non-use contracts. (If you are using older version of SSChart, it is unable to get market data for non-US contracts starting with version 822.x of TWS. This release corrects that problem)

Release version 2.57 (Apr-18-2004)

Added optional display of bid/ask/last price bar to charts. Upgraded the free intraday backfill feature. Stocks now save last day of data as before but will also get more data back on a temporary basis for the current chart when timeframe is higher than 1 min. Fixed bugs in position line calculation for futures in graphical trading. Generate daily chart for account liquidating value when using IB TWS. Improved on some connecting issues to IB TWS when restarting. Restored yahoo monthly data download function.

Release version 2.56 (Apr-04-2004)

Updated historic data parsing to deal with change in yahoo download format. Inhibit bid/ask/last display update while chart data inspection pop-up is open so the displayed data is not overwritten. Compute average cost for futures trades in graphic trading (since TWS currenlty does not supply it). Display position average cost line for open positions in graphic trading. (Note use {Chart | Color...} dialog to set the line color to something other than the background color in order to see the line. There is one color for long positions and another for short.

Release version 2.55 (Mar-26-2004)

Changed processing of IB TWS quote stream back to the way it was prior to version 2.52. The new 7.6 API method of sending ticksize with price does not add anything new to the data stream and following their example led to erroneous duplication of many ticks. The method of interpreting their data stream prior to this is still correct.

Release version 2.54 (Mar-22-2004)

The change to fix pruning problem in last release can result in a program crash in the case you add a symbol (to intraday chart or SLFMap) for which you do not yet have any data. This release corrects that problem.

Release version 2.53 (Mar-18-2004)

Changed auto launching of TWS to work with most recent TWS release. Fixed bug that prevented proper pruning of the 1min data files for charts. The charts were being pruned but the file was not. This resulted in overly large files which caused the program to take a long time to initialize and on older slower CPU's could interfere with proper communications with TWS.

Release version 2.52 (Mar-10-2004)

Line drawing added, supporting fibonacci retracements and auto-regression channels. Added VWAP Candle display mode for charts which is similar to Heikin-Ashi candlestick charting but uses VWAP (volume weighted average price) intead of typical price which is really what Heikin-Ashi is trying to accomplish but better. Added method of generating contingent orders in graphical trading. Solved issues preventing tick and trin symbols from plotting (with IB). Update bid/ask on intraday charts even if last has not changed (prior versions only updated this line on new trades). Added browser launch proxy program for IB to solve nuisance of TWS launching status page browser windows when it disconnects, which interferred with auto restarting the connection. Audible alerts when TWS loses connection, or hasn't provided quotes for awhile. See new program doc for line drawing, and graphical trading.

Release version 2.51 (Feb-11-2004)

All of the known issues listed here are corrected in this release.

The drawing toolbar may be visible in this release, but drawing features are not yet ready for release. Please avoid using this feature until we complete testing and documentation.

Release version 2.50 (Jan-27-2004)

Graphical trading from charts added, both simulated and real-mode with IB account.Vertical scrolling of chart via cursor keys added. (This aids placement of alerts and orders). Install now adds program to start menu along with shortcuts to documentation and an uninstall. Fixed two program crashes involving line drawing. TWS auto-login code now handles pop-up window notifying of new TWS version, and SSL connections. Changed auto start/stop code to handle start times later than stop time. This works out for IB to collect around the clock except for about 45 minutes when their servers shut down. Changing display precision in Time&Sales window now immediately redraws window with new precision. Fixed problem where <shift>drag-and-drop from one chart to another added symbol to second chart rather than replacing. (Adding symbols now only works from SLFMap to chart with <shift>drag-and-drop as intended).

Line drawing has been removed from this release while it is undergoing redesign and improvement. We expect another release in a few weeks with greatly improved line drawing functionality added back in.

Release version 2.28 (Dec-12-2003)

More order types added to trade windows. Made loading charts with extended sessions off much faster. Fixed some crashes in trading code. Corrected improper merging of data in intraday charts. Added abbreviation for ECBOT exchange.

Release version 2.26 (Oct-26-2003)

Changed shutdown procedure (to solve problem where program will not close in some cases). Changes to paper-trading so trades will not execute during futures pre-market indications. Added momentum indicator.

Release version 2.25 (Oct-21-2003)

Fixed crash if a window was dragged over a chart that had lines drawn on it, and another crash relating to startup when chart contained lines. Made some improvements to paper trading interface. TWS entered orders now show through in real trading window.

Release version 2.24 (Sep-28-2003)

Previous yahoo change showed incorrect data prior to split dates. This is corrected. Fixed bond future pricing in paper trading interface.

Release version 2.23 (Sep-15-2003)

Change to adapt to change yahoo historic data format. Support for 32nds, and fractional 32nds price format for bond futures. Added modified moving average to external studies (studylib1).

Release version 2.22 (Aug-11-2003)

Fixed program crash in 2.21 if you created a new chart with {File | New} and then selected {Chart | Properties}. Corrected excessive shutdown delay in 2.21 if you exited without starting quotes. Added ADX, +DI and -DI studies (to studylib1).

Release version 2.21 (Aug-08-2003)

Increased default internet access timeout from previous release and made it adjustable as a user preference. Added Keltner Channels and Parabolic SAR studies (under external studies tab, in studylib1). Wait for update check thread to finish when shutting down immediately after switching on quotes, to avoid crashing.

Release version 2.20 (July-27-2003)

Added direct socket connect mode to IB TWS for a faster and more reliable connection. This avoids network configuration difficulties many users experienced. Auto-start of TWS (login) capable.Trade simulation (paper trading) using real quotes. Real trading through IB TWS using same interface. Alert sounds preference dialog added. Added new studies, including floor trader pivots, support and resistance levels. Fixed bug that caused crash if you named a study then changed color in same dialog. Fixed parsing of symbols added to charts to allow myTrack form for London exchange (e.g. VOD-L) to be directly entered. Display time offset prefence added (again for mytrack London stocks which they time stamp with NY time???). Added limited free intraday backfill for most US stocks.

Release version 2.12b (June-10-2003)

Corrects a program crash in 2.12a that occurred shortly after starting quotes if you did not have a lease code installed. Added configuration for Yahoo MarketTracker realtime quote source.

Release version 2.12a (May-22-2003)

Corrects problem with stochastic %K and %D calculation that has existed since restructuring of version 2.10.

Release version 2.12 (Apr-08-2003)

Fixed problem where intraday charts sometimes stopped updating. Fixed problem with router code that could cause program to hang or crash in some circumstances. Fixed SLMap alert coloring problem from previous release. Changed opening/closing bell alert to sound for all markets being watched. Added time series forcast to studylib1 (under external studies).

Release version 2.11 (Mar-19-2003)

Fixed a number of problems with new drawing and scaling code in last release. Added fixed volume intraday chart type (similar to tick charts). Added spike filtering. Added preference to auto start router program. Added monthly combined lease option. Audible warning now given when the SSQRouterIB loses connection with TWS or does not receive any updates for several seconds. True strength index added to studylib1 (under external studies).

Release version 2.10 (Mar-09-2003)

Restructuring of studies code. All calculations made more efficiently. Change of scaling and drawing code to eliminate problem where entire range of data was sometimes not displayed. Add additional studies in dll libraries. Tick charts added. Increase display precision when required for quick alerts tooltip and chart tooltip. Price scaling by percent change implemented. Multiple symbols can be simultaneously plotted in a chart in percent scaling mode. Three week trial now automatic, registration unnecessary. SSQRouterIB no can autoconfirm the connection to TWS. Router also autoterminates if TWS terminates to avoid an unsafe reconnect. Update now merges intraday Globex future data you can download from here.

Release version 2.09 (Dec-08-2002)

Fixes intermittent crash during program exit that occurred in 2.08. Changes to scaling to support tiny numbers (like JPY futures). Fixed problem where some intraday charts did not update during extended session hours when more than one chart was open for the same symbol. Changes to SLFMap now elicit a prompt to save the changes when you exit the program. Display precision setting added to Time&Sales display.

Release version 2.08 (Nov-24-2002)

New install creates desktop shortcuts for SSChart and router programs . New icons for SSQRouterIB and SSQRouterMT. Added alias facility for symbol names (used mainly with IB router). Change license dialog so both license key and router lease can be entered before closing. Exchange time specifications for each exchange supported by IB added, so charting foreign contracts plot with correct time at the exchange. Added more exchange abbreviations for futures. Revised historical data retrieval from yahoo to match changes on their servers. Added historical data sites for UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark for historical daily, weekly and monthly charts. Added SLF files: dax_yahoo, mib30_yahoo, ftse100_yahoo, eurostoxx50_yahoo. Uninstall removes desktop icons.

Release version 2.07 (Nov-12-2002)

Updated SSQRouterMT to use API version 4.01. Fixed problem with updating historical data from myTrack that was caused by changes in router communication in SSChart versions 2.05 and 2.06. On a new installation the hostname of the machine you are installing on is set under {File | Preferences..} for the quote routers. This will be correct for most people, if not edit this field. The default preference for chart labels is now on the right for new installations.

Release version 2.06 (Nov-03-2002)

Fixed bug that caused SSChart to hang (unable to exit) when it failed to connect to one of the routers. SSQRouterIB updated to new API components. API library dll included in install, since new IB customers don't have it unless they do a separate API install, and the old customers have an obsolete version from when IB automatically installed API with TWS upgrades.

Release version 2.05 (Oct-23-2002)

Changed communication request packet from SSChart to router programs to allow for larger symbol size. This enables the long encoding used for IB router to get data for futures, indices, and options. Later SSQRouterIB release (1.26) uses previous_close data supplied by IB TWS.

Release version 2.04 (Sep-09-2002)

Data file format changed to allow for long symbol encoding used to get futures, index, and option data quotes from IB TWS with SSQRouterIB. Some minor bug fixes.

Release version 2.00 (May-21-2002)

 Added router programs (SSQRouterMT, SSQRouterIB) to get quote data from myTrack and IB TWS. Added Time&Sales, Orderbook, and Level II displays. Line drawing capability added (still needs further devolpment). Router programs allow distributing data to multiple systems on a LAN.

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