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   Quote Routers    

 What are Quote Routers?

The quote routers are programs included with SSChart that interface realtime data sources to SSChart. They also allow you to connect up to four computers on a LAN each running a copy of SSChart which will get their data from the one machine running the quote router. This is done so you can have a cluster of machines to get more screen space. They will function for free during the trial period (but you still need an account with the data provider). After the trial period they are available for a ($10 - $15 a month lease (in addition to the fees you pay the data provider and exchanges). Note: In order to use the quote routers, both the router and SSChart must be running on either Windows NT, 2000, or XP. You will need the router program to get data from the following sources, even if using only one computer. There are currently two quote routers available:

SSQRouterIB Router for Interactive Brokers

The external router program for IB, is now discontinued. Instead the program now has a built in socket connection to TWS, providing a more robust connection. (The "router lease" is still require for operation after the trial expires. This is just our way of pricing the increase work of supporting features associated with this into the product. Not everyone that uses the program, makes use of real-time streaming data connection, therefore they have a purchase option where they do not need to pay for this feature).

Uses TWS API (Trader Work Station) of your Interactive Brokers account to get data. No historic update is available with this source, but realtime intraday charts of stocks, futures, and options, can be generated and saved as long as you are running and collecting quotes during market hours. You also get a time and sales display. There is currently a limitation of 40 symbols at one time that you can monitor. This is a TWS interface limitation not an SSChart limitation. See specific usage instructions here.

SSQRouterMT Router for Track Data's myTrack

This interfaces to the Track Data "myTrack" data source. You must add the "SDK" entitlement to your myTrack account to enable the quote router.

Additional SSChart features available with myTrack account include: live intraday charting, historic update of intraday charts, time&sales display, and (ECN) orderbook and level II if you have these features enabled in your account. See specific usage instructions here.

Note: myTrack does not charge for the SDK entitlement (needed for the router to get data) for the first 30 days. You can try their service for as little as $5 for the first month if you only want to access delayed data. This will still give you the ability to backfill intraday charts.

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